A Model’s Journey to Freelance Nude Modeling.

A Model’s Journey to Freelance Nude Modeling.

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It all began the way it usually does, the question that racked my head this time being:

How do you break into the coveted Modeling Industry?

Now, I’m not a model myself and neither do I aspire to be. However, as a wardrobe stylist I often encounter all styles of models. Hearing their chronicles is what inspired me to document our conversations and share them on this platform, hosted by our Youtube Channel TheCitizenLifeNow go subscribe) ‘A Models Journey to the Runway’ is a series created in efforts to share knowledge of the industry, hear model stories + tips, as well as to get to know more of the industry as a whole. 

One thing that rings true in this series is that there is no set path that leads an individual to a successful modeling career. It all boils down to enjoying itself as much as reaching the goal. I mean, what is the real marker of success? Perhaps we have been sold on a standard of what we consider a successful model to look like, as we often see on tv contest such as ‘Americas Next Top Model’  We must open up to the possibility that the glorified journey is not always the case and that the industry has more to offer than just a contest. Throughout the filming of this series I learned that there is a vast varied list of modeling styles in which an aspiring model can be successful if they embrace their found niche. Find out how you too can make a name for yourself in the modeling industry as we go into depth on what the styles of modeling.

Pure Rebel, A Model's Journey to Freelance Nude Modeling.

In this tell-all we find out what it truly takes to become a freelance model in an industry that is always thriving and competitive. Kristy Jessica, better known as Pure Rebel reveals her impactful start in the modeling industry and her journey to becoming a freelance nude model. 

Topics you can expect to hear:
Modeling 101, A Model's Journey to the Runway.

Our very first interview was thanks to the partnership with Fashion District NW to giveaway a spot in their Modeling 101 workshop which was held at Toni and Guy (Washington) on June 25th, 2017. Promptly after the workshop Esther Melnik, the recipient of the giveaway, gave us an exclusive look into what Fashion District NW workshop entails. Esther kicks off the series ‘A Model’s Journey to the Runway’ by sharing her experience as she tries to break into the very coveted modeling industry.

Topics you can expect to hear:
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Claudia H Brady

Claudia H Brady

Seattle Wardrobe stylist Claudia H Brady draws her inspirations from the everyday lifestyle and experiences learned throughout her career as a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper.

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