We are in search for the best chicken wings in seattle

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Chicken wings have always been my first true love. Growing up in Florida, I felt that I found amazing chicken wings all the time but since moving to Seattle, I haven’t had much luck. My wife and I decided one day that there’s no way this city does not have at least one good spot where we can say they have the best chicken wings in Seattle. Follow our journey, weekly on Wednesdays, on our Instagram Stories from @TheCitizenLifeNow. We will recap every five and update our standing list on here. Let us know if we need to check out a certain spot. 

Shaylyn Huizar Brady

Shaylyn Huizar Brady

Shaylyn Brady was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. When she turned 24, she moved to Seattle, WA, where she found her passion in culinary arts and in life.

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